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With the new school year well on its way, students would do well to assess and seek to improve their study strategies. Here are some tips that can help you to get the most from study sessions and make this school year a productive one:

Before you start:

• Take clear and comprehensive notes during classes. Write down the main points and supporting information from your textbooks.

• Decide what you will study beforehand.

• Plan the session in a way that will allow you to give more time and attention to your weaker subject areas.

• Get help from family members or friends who have a good grasp of the subject.

• Minimise distractions:

– Find a suitable, quiet place and use it consistently.

– Turn off or decrease the volume of the television and radio.

– Make sure you are comfortable, as discomfort can also cause you to lose your focus.

– Put your phone on silent mode for the planned duration of the study session.

While studying:

• Break up large amounts of material into smaller, more manageable parts.

• Make use of study guides, where available.

• Use memory aids, such as mnemonics and associations (linking the material to something you already know) to assist you to recall the information when needed.

• Take regular breaks to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

• Quiz yourself at the end of each topic to determine what you have retained.

Consistently practising these tips can take much effort. This effort, however, is worthwhile as it can lead to greater academic success.

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