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Starting in the 2018-2019 academic year, students will sit the Primary Exit Profile (PEP). PEP will replace the Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) as the national secondary school placement test.

The main objective of PEP is to enhance the academic and critical thinking capabilities, and creativity of students by the end of primary level education. Students entering Grade Six in September 2018 will comprise the first PEP cohort.

The Ministry of Education has trained and will offer ongoing training to teachers and to other stakeholders and will host a series of camps islandwide.
Types of Assessment

PEP involves a series of assessments which will start from Grade 4 and end in Grade 6. The three categories include: Performance Task, Ability Test and Curriculum Based Test:
1. Performance Task

This will test students’ aptitude, knowledge and skills in Mathematics, Science, Language Arts and Social Studies. They will be required to apply their knowledge to real-life situations. This task will be given to students in Term 3 for Grades 4 and 5, and Term 1 for Grade 6.

2. Ability Test
This test will allow students to demonstrate their critical reasoning skills in areas outside of the curriculum, and will be done in Term 2 for Grade 6 students.

3. Curriculum Based Test
The third and final assessment will be administered in Grade 6 and focus on Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and Language Arts. This test will be administered to Grade 6 students in Term 3.

The assessments will be done by the classroom teachers at a pre-established time during regular contact classroom hours. Students will not be allowed to do the assessments at home and the results will be made public during the third week of June.

For additional information, contact the:

Ministry of Education, Youth and Information
2 National Heroes Circle
Kingston 4
Telephone: 876-922- 140

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