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The National Blood Transfusion Service (NBTS), an entity under the Ministry of Health & Wellness (MOHW), is responsible for the safe collection and storage of blood for transfusion purposes.
The NBTS aims to supply at least 75% of all blood that is requested. In April 2020, it supplied 55% of all blood requests made by hospitals, with people aged 20 to 40 being the main donors.

Uses of Blood Donations

Blood donations are important as one unit of blood can save up to three lives. Blood transfusions are used in:
• complications of pregnancy, such as ectopic pregnancies and haemorrhage before, during or after childbirth
• severe anaemia often resulting from malaria or malnutrition
• severe trauma following natural and man-made disasters
• complex medical and surgical treatment of cancer patients
• conditions such as thalassaemia and sickle cell disease
• making products, such as clotting factors, for people with haemophilia

Eligibility Requirements

Persons who wish to donate blood must be:
• in good health
• within the age range of 17 to 60 years
• weigh more than 110 pounds
• found negative for:
– Hepatitis B
– Hepatitis C
– Human T-lymphotropic Virus (HTLV)
– Syphilis

How to Give Blood

Step 1: Registration
– Give details on personal and medical history and current health and behaviour
– Present a picture identification (ID) or tax registration number (TRN); work, school and national IDs are acceptable

Step 2: Medical Screening
– Blood pressure and weight checks are done and a sample of blood is taken to be tested
– A Medical Doctor or Nurse will conduct a confidential medical interview

Step 3: Blood Donation
– The transfusion process takes approximately 4-10 minutes; the puncture site is cleaned with antiseptic to lessen the possibility of introducing bacteria and the blood is collected into sterile blood collection packs

Step 4: Relaxation
– Donors are asked to rest for a few minutes and to drink a cup of liquid refreshment

For information on blood collection centres, visit:


Blood Donations amidst COVID-19

The NBTS will sanitise persons at three different points – registration, medical screening and donation. All persons will have their temperature checked and must wear a mask.

For further information, contact:
The National Blood Transfusion Service
21 Slipe Pen Road
Telephone: 876-630-1984

Ministry of Health and Wellness
10-16 Grenada Crescent
Kingston 5
Telephone: 876-633-7433/8172

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