Get the Facts – Malaria

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Malaria is a potentially fatal disease caused by the Plasmodium falciparum parasite.

The disease produces chills, headache, a high fever and other flu-like symptoms. Official diagnosis is, however, necessary to confirm the presence of the virus.

Locally, malaria has been successfully eradicated through programmes focused on public education, early detection and vector control.


Primarily, malaria is transmitted through the bite of an infected anopheles mosquito. However, there are other modes of transmission of the disease. These include:
• Blood transfusion
• Organ transplant
• Sharing of contaminated needles
• Mother to child transmission (before or during birth)


The Ministry of Health (MOH) cautions travellers to regions where malaria is present to take steps to prevent a reintroduction of the disease into the island, and limit the spread of malaria:
• Take anti-malarial drugs before travelling to endemic areas
• Wear repellent and clothes that cover the body
• Sleep under mosquito nets
• Get treatment promptly when symptoms appear so as to prevent disease progression and spread
• Keep stored water covered and reduce mosquito breeding sites around dwellings

For more information, please contact the:
Ministry of Health
10-16 Grenada Way
Kingston 5
Tel: 876-633-8172; 876-633-7771; 876-633-8172

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