Get the Facts – Designating Heritage Sites

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A heritage site is any building, area or any part of the natural landscape that has historical value to a country.

The Jamaica National Heritage Trust (JNHT) is legally responsible for designating and administering heritage sites across the island.

Members of the public can recommend locations of historical value to the JNHT that could be declared heritage sites. Such recommendations should be submitted in writing and include the:
• Name and address of the owner/occupier of the site
• Title information
• Photograph of the location
• Location of the site
• Any other information on the site

After receiving the recommendation, the JNHT would conduct research to confirm whether the site fits pre-established criteria for designation such as identifying with an important moment or architectural style in Jamaican history.

The JNHT would also complete the steps below towards declaring a new heritage site.

• If the site is under threat of demolition, damage or removal the JNHT will erect a sign until the designation process has been completed.
• After the research is conducted the JNHT will prepare a report with a recommendation for approval by the JNHT board.
• Once approval has been given, the JNHT will prepare and serve a notice about the declaration of the site to the owner/occupier of the site and the Parish Council.
• The JNHT will also advise the public through the Jamaica Gazette and a local newspaper about the action that they intend to take.
• The public will have 28 days after the notice has been gazetted to object to the JNHT’s declaration.
• If no objections are made, declaration notices will be served to the owner/occupier, the Parish Council and other affiliated parties. The notice will also be published in a local newspaper.
• A sign indicating that the site is an official heritage site will be displayed in a noticeable area at the location.
• The JNHT will sensitise the public about the site and its new status.

For additional information contact the:
Jamaica National Heritage Trust
79 Duke Street
Telephone: (876) 922-3990/922-1287
Fax: (876) 967-1703



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