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Launched on March 6, 2021, the E-commerce National Delivery System (ENDS) was implemented as a part of the Government of Jamaica’s (GOJ) efforts to allow the quick-service industry to continue operating during COVID-19 curfew hours. The system is used by food-service companies, such as restaurants and supermarkets as well as pharmacies and delivery providers.

Over 2,000 entrepreneurs are benefitting from the programme, with businesses spread mainly across the parishes of St. Catherine, St. James and Kingston.  Consumers also benefit from the system, as access to essential items is not limited by COVID-19 restrictions.

Registration Process

To register for ENDS, applicants are required to visit Registration is free of charge and processing of applications is completed within three business days.


To be eligible to participate, vendors must ensure that their business is properly registered with the Companies Office of Jamaica (COJ). Details required for sign-up are:

  • Business information (name of business, trade licence number, tax registration number (TRN), company website address)
  • Business owner’s information, such as name and contact details
  • Business address

Applications are reviewed by the Social Development Commission (SDC) and the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development (MLGRD) through the local municipal authorities.

Delivery Drivers

Delivery drivers must have a valid driver’s licence and are required to provide information about the vehicle that they intend to use for deliveries. This information includes:

  • Licence plate number
  • Vehicle type
  • Vehicle condition

Drivers must also provide personal details, specifically their name, email address and a photo.

These applications are reviewed by the Ministry of Transport and Mining (MTM).

Successful applicants will receive an email and a unique Quick Response (QR) code confirming approval. The code is also known as the curfew passport, and demonstrates that the holder is permitted to operate during curfew hours. Passport holders should print the code or save it electronically.

All information required for sign-up must be valid and uploaded to the application form at the time of registration. Applications from which details are missing will not be considered.


How to Order

To order directly from a vendor registered with ENDS, customers should visit and click “order now” in the section that corresponds with the parish of the delivery address. Select from the list of businesses in the section, choose the desired item and confirm the purchase.

To make a purchase from a vendor through a delivery service, select the relevant delivery provider and order from the list of associated companies.

Participants must be able to send and receive funds electronically, as this is the only method of payment that the system allows.

Delivery Options

The public currently has delivery options from 200 vendors. Customers may pay for their orders by using a debit/credit card or a top-up voucher. They can also track their orders to see which driver or vehicle will deliver their items. Vendors are listed by parish and have different operating hours. However, no vendor should be open after midnight. Persons can view the list of approved vendors on the ENDS website by using the link:


For more information, contact:

Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development

61 Hagley Park Road

Kingston 10

Telephone: 876-618-7360-9



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