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Randolph Samuel Williams

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Randolph Samuel Williams (Mas Ran) was born in Colon Panama on October 26, 1912. He came to Jamaica at the age of six. He attended Tutorial College, Calabar High and Kingston Technical High.

Ranny Williams was a dramatist and comedian. He first started his acting career as a child reciting poetry at church, Lodge Hall and schoolrooms.

Mas Ran later went on to appear in pantomimes, films and on television. His first pantomime “Bluebeard and Brer Anancy” was in 1942.

Mas ran was the host of the “Ranny Williams Show” on television. His films include” A High Wind in Jamaica” , “Oh Dad Poor Dad”, “ White Souls”, “Jamaica No Problems”, “Tropical Isles”, “Zacc Experience” and “The Marijuana Affair”.

His outstanding achievement in the field of entertainment and drama earned him several awards: The Jamaica Certificate and the Badge of Honour in the Queen’s New Year honours list ( 1968). The Institute of Jamaica Silver Musgrave Medal (1968), Commander of the Order of Distinction (C. D.) for Outstanding Services in the field of Entertainment ( 1976) and the Centenary Medal (1979). The Ranny Williams Entertainment Centre stands as a monument to his work.

Although Mas Ran has accomplished much in his lifetime, his greatest accomplishment is that of the love of the people of Jamaica which comes from the fact that he gave service outside of entertainment. He was a social worker, JAMAL worker founder of the Ranny Williams Youth Club and a participant on The Nugget for the Needy show.

Mas Ran died on August 11, 1980 and although he has passed on, he has left behind a rich legacy.

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