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MONTEGO BAY – Through a collaborative effort between the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Tourism and Entertainment, an Information Hub has been established to gather and disseminate information between the two sectors.

According to Minister of Agriculture, Hon. Roger Clarke, this move is aimed at assisting farmers with information on market needs, which will determine their production targets.

“What it seeks to do is to really garner information, as to what is needed in the hotel sector and to guide production to satisfy that demand,” he explained.

The Agriculture Minister was responding to questions from the press at the closing session of the Supporting Economic Empowerment and Development in the Caribbean and Pacific (SEED CAP) women’s Forum, held at the Half Moon Bay Resort, in Montego Bay, on Friday July 12.

The SEED CAP forum, which was hosted by the United States Department of State in collaboration with the New Zealand government, was held from July 10 to 12.

He noted that the lack of information on what is needed has been a sore problem in relation to the production levels of farmers, which has on many occasions led to inconsistent supplies.

Mr. Clarke added that the problem of inconsistency of supplies is one of the reasons why his ministry has also moved towards establishing Green Houses, to enable farmers to be able to produce on a consistent basis.

“The other thing that we have done is to expand our irrigation systems, right now we have put in place about five new systems, which will enable farmers to produce on a consistent basis” Minister Clarke informed.

“All that we want now is for the information, what is needed, and that information to be fed back to the farmers, and the farmers to produce on a timely basis,” he added. The information hub will be operated out of the Tourism Ministry


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