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Infirmaries around the island are benefiting from the medical supplies and equipment donated by the Independent United Order of Solomon, a Canadian-based charitable organisation.
The distribution process began this month, and according to Leon Campbell, Secretary of the Board of Supervision in the Ministry of Local Government, Community Development and Sport, the list of items include sheets, pillows, towels, uniforms for infirmary workers, lounge chairs, hospital beds and medical supplies.
Mr. Campbell informed that a number of homeless shelters would also benefit from the effort. The Board of Supervision, he explained, bears the responsibility for supervising the management and operations of all infirmaries island wide. “The residents are admitted to these institutions through the Inspector of Poor for the respective parishes,” he pointed out.
Meanwhile, Mr. Campbell informed that refurbishing work had taken place at four infirmaries in the parishes of St. Elizabeth, Manchester, Clarendon, and St. Thomas.
“There are plans in place for St. James and Westmoreland. However, we are awaiting funding for the other infirmaries,” he said, adding that “in the interim, some parish councils are also trying to refurbish infirmaries that have sustained damage due to Hurricane Ivan, namely St. Ann.”
Under the Health Ministry’s Health Support Fund, infirmaries in four parishes underwent significant rehabilitation with improved sanitary facilities, new roofing, upgraded electrical installation, and improvements being made to kitchen amenities, among other various revamping exercises.
The Health Support Fund was established to assist in the upgrading and rehabilitation of four select pilot infirmaries in Clarendon, St. Elizabeth, Manchester and St. Thomas following evaluations, which showed inadequate infrastructure and the deterioration of the physical facilities currently housing indigent persons.

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