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The Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce is set to move its offices and at least two of its agencies to downtown Kingston in the coming months.
Portfolio Minister, Hon. Karl Samuda, informed Parliament during his presentation in the Sectoral Debate, on May 11, that the Ministry is currently in the process of acquiring the five floors of the Air Jamaica Building that houses the airline’s offices.
“We have entered into an agreement and in fact, have made a payment, having tendered for the property, and it is our intention within the next six months to move the Ministry from New Kingston to downtown,” he said.
He added that the space would also accommodate the offices of the Factories Corporation of Jamaica. Mr. Samuda also disclosed plans to move JAMPRO’s offices from New Kingston to downtown Kingston.
He said the Ministry is in discussions with Guardian Group of Companies to acquire its parking lot adjacent to JAMPRO’s current office.
“As soon as it is acquired, which will then make the property more marketable, it is our intention to dispose of it and to relocate downtown, because we feel the business Ministry should be in the business centre of the country, which is downtown Kingston,” he said.

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