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Caribbean Cement Company is expected to supply 20,000 tonnes of cement this week, with the private sector providing an additional 3,000 tonnes, to satisfy the needs of the local building sector.
Minister of Information and Development, Senator Colin Campbell, in addressing journalists at yesterday’s (July 31) post-Cabinet press briefing at Jamaica House, said that, “it was brought to Cabinet’s attention. that the weekly demand for cement in Jamaica is now approximately 24,000 tonnes per week and the idea is now to try to match that demand with the supplies”.
He said that 22,780 tonnes of cement was supplied last week, with the cement company providing 19,280 tonnes and the private sector, the remaining 3,500 tonnes.
The Information Minister further informed that some 210,000 tonnes arrived from Cuba last week and a team from the Spanish-speaking country also visited the island with a view to having discussions about further supplies, as well as the shifting of some bulk production.
Under the Government of Jamaica’s agreement with Cuba, of the 40,000 tonnes of bulk cement that should arrive in the island, it is suggested that some of the bulk cement be shifted to bagged cement.
Furthermore, Minister Campbell said, it had been noted at the weekly meeting of representatives of the cement sector, that the situation regarding bagged cement was being satisfied, and as a result, “there is to be a 25 per cent shift into the bulk trade to allow the demands in the bulk market to be satisfied.”
Year-to-date statistics indicate that more cement has been sold into the local market this year, when compared to 2005.

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