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The Indian Government recently handed over pharmaceuticals valued at US$200,000 ($12.4 million) as part of post Hurricane Ivan assistance.
The supplies include the antibiotic, Enhancin; anti-hypertension and anti-histamine medications.
Speaking at the handing over ceremony on the grounds of the Health Corporation Limited in Kingston, Acting High Commissioner of India to Jamaica, Bimal Saigal said that the contribution was made in consultation with the Ministry of Health, with the bulk of the shipment of the medicines made in November 2004.
“Most of the medicines have been delivered to the Ministry of Health, barring 12,000 units of fulsed injections, which have a narcotic content and thus require import and export permit formalities of Jamaica and India,” he informed.
Mr. Saigal also assured continued solidarity, friendship and support for the Jamaican government, which he complimented for its resolve in overcoming the onslaught of Hurricane Ivan, and being able “to stand again firmly on unshaken feet”.
India and Jamaica, he added, have traditionally enjoyed cordial and friendly relations over the years. This, he said was based on common linkages of history, the British Commonwealth, parliamentary democracy, language and cricket.
Above all the similarities was “the common set of developmental problems and similar aspirations of the people, to progress on the path of peace and international brotherhood”, he said.
While mentioning the devastation caused by Hurricane Ivan in the Caribbean region, the Acting High Commissioner said that the Tsunami tragedy in Asia emphasized the value of collective action and international solidarity.
“We all are drawing lessons from the recurrence of such natural disasters to be aware of and prepare collectively for such global challenges,” he pointed out.
In his remarks, Minister of Health, John Junor said that the assistance from the Indian Government formed part of the package of relief supplies received by the government from friends worldwide.
This assistance, he said, was yet another example of the partnerships that facilitate the delivery of quality health care and ensure that the majority of the population, especially those in need, have access to much needed pharmaceuticals.
India, he further noted, was fast becoming a tremendous force on the pharmaceutical and technology landscape. Jamaica, Minister Junor added, looked forward to continued co-operation with the government of India.

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