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MONTEGO BAY &mdash Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) head, Terrence Williams, has described working relationships with the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) and the Commissioner of Police as very cordial.

“As regards the Commissioner of Police (Owen Ellington), I can say the cooperation has been 100 percent. We have a very good relationship, we have agreed principles for mutual cooperation, indeed the Commissioner of Police has assisted us in training some of our investigators,” he stated.

Mr. Williams was responding to questions at a Press Conference held immediately following the official opening of INDECOM’s Western Regional Office, at the Concourse Plaza, 18 Queens Drive, Montego Bay, on Friday (December 16).

With respect to the DPP, Mr. Williams pointed out that he has always had a good personal relationship with the DPP, and went on to explain that since a “particular case in Negril”, in which there were certain differences between his office and that of the DPP, several meetings have been held to resolve the matter.

“We have met, and she was kind enough to speak to my legal officers regarding what we are looking for, as regards the submission of files to them. We have  a meeting coming forward on the 29th of December, where we are meeting with the DPP and the Attorney General regarding certain legal aspects of INDECOM’s work, so that we can reach a common understanding, going forward”, he stated.

He noted that there is an agreement between both offices, to continue dialogue towards fostering their respective goals.

In an address at the ceremony, Policy Director, Border Security and Control in the Ministry of National Security, Orane Bailey, said that the occasion highlighted another milestone in the government’s drive to restore confidence in the security forces.

“The opening of this office in Western Jamaica is an indication that accountability of the security forces is being given high priority, by the Government of Jamaica,” he stated.

He noted that the officers working out of the facility will play an integral role, in creating checks and balances needed to ensure protection of the rights and civil liberties of citizens.

The staff at the new INDECOM office will include approximately nine investigators, who will cover St. Ann, Trelawny, St. James, Hanover and Westmoreland.


By Bryan Miller, JIS Reporter