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MANDEVILLE — The Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) has opened a regional office in Mandeville, to serve Manchester, Clarendon, St. Elizabeth, Trelawny (south) and St. Ann (south).

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the office located at the Caledonia Mall on June 2, INDECOM Commissioner, Terrence Williams, noted that it is staffed by investigators who reside in the area.

“For any of the state investigative agencies, outside of the police, this is the first time that an office is being set up in Central Jamaica, and it is great when we open this Mandeville office to take care of the investigations and complaints that come from the central region of Jamaica,” Mr. Williams said.

He explained that the legislation requires regional offices to be set up, and Mandeville was strategically chosen based on the areas that most complaints about the police come from.

“We looked at the complaints that came from different parts of Jamaica, and we determined that from the Clarendon/Manchester region there were a great deal of complaints that came in, and we felt that they could be effectively served from Mandeville,” he said.

INDECOM undertakes investigations concerning actions by members of the police force and other agents of the state that result in death or injury to persons, or the abuse of the rights of persons.

The Independent Commission of Investigations Act repealed the Police Public Complaints Authority (PPA) Act on April 15, 2010. INDECOM took over from the PPCA on August 16, 2010.



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