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Incoming Chief of Defence Staff of the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF), Brigadier Antony Anderson, says the Force will be reviewed early next year, to assess the implementations that came out of a Strategic Defence Review done in 2006.

Incoming Chief of Defence Staff, Brigadier Antony Anderson.

Speaking in an interview with JIS News, he says the review is important to the progress of the JDF’s mission for the next five years.
“We did a Strategic Defence Review (SDR) that was published in 2006. We are coming up on 5 years and we have to do another review, to see if the assumptions that we made are still relevant and viable. We have to see if the environment that we predicted is still the case, and then look forward to see what likely threats we will face and be called upon to respond to, going forward,” he informs.
With a global trend towards capability based forces as opposed to threat based forces, the SDR was carried out to help identify areas where greater efficiency, effectiveness and relevance could be realised. The review addressed a range of issues, such as how the JDF’s mission, tasks, capabilities and shape should be adjusted to meet the new strategic security realities.
After the first review, a number of adjustments have been made to the core of the force, particularly improvement in training, development and education of human capital.
The soon to be new Chief of Defence Staff is aware that his job will be a challenging one, mainly because of resource constraints. However, he is not too perturbed about it, as he intends to utilise innovative measures to protect the national interest and well being of citizens.
“Clearly, we do not have all of the resources we would require, but we are not unique in that area,” Brigadier Anderson says.
He explains that, over the years, the JDF sought to get input from the state and foreign partners in terms of resources, and make partnerships with other organisations towards achieving mutual goals.
“The combination of these three things is what has provided the resources and has allowed us to do the things we have done so far,” Brigadier Anderson states.
He says that the portfolio responsibilities he held over the years within the force have prepared him for the top job.
“I have certainly done a number of jobs all across the JDF over 2

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