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The Ministry of Transport and Works is spending just over $3 million this year to continue improvements to the Washington Boulevard corridor in Kingston, to reduce traffic congestion.
The project is aimed at reducing economic loss and high fuel consumption, due to the congestion and also the vehicle operating cost (VOC) due to poor ride quality.
Improvements in travel time for buses and other motorists, as well as the carrying capacity of the corridor and safety, due to reduction in conflict points, are expected from the project.
This year it is intended to complete the construction of boundary fences, relocate utilities, award civil works contracts, commence civil works and reach 20 per cent completion.
Achievements last year included the establishment of a Project Management Unit, acquisition of 37 parcels of land to facilitate civil works, completion of the pre-qualification of contractors and the tender evaluation for civil works contracts. The project has been extended to March 2010 and is being funded by the Caribbean Development Bank(CDB).

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