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The town of Mandeville will see improvement in traffic management, based on agreements reached by Parish Council officials, and stakeholders who attended a two-day workshop hosted by the Manchester Parish Development Committee.
“In a few days we are going to have relocation of many of the taxi parks, which for some time have been a major problem for commuters, businesses, and the shape and order of the town. The discussions at the workshops were wide ranging and we shared information on how other towns look and how we can rearrange ours. The Parish Council will now implement the decisions, along with the National Works Agency,” informs Manager of the Manchester Parish Development Committee, Sam Miller, in an interview with JIS News.
In lauding the move, President of the Manchester Chamber of Commerce, Winston Lawson, said it will help in the growth of the town, as persons wanting to do business in the area will move about with less hassle.
“Where discipline exists it enhances good business activity, and in our usual collaborative efforts here in Manchester, we know we have to be part of it, and we support this plan to reorganise the town. In time it will foster vibrancy for everyone who conducts business in the area,” he stated.
At the workshops held over two days recently, officials of the Manchester Parish Development Committee, showed pictures of how small and major towns are organised across the world.
The group also took a walk along mayor roadways in the Mandeville town centre, led by Mayor Brenda Ramsay, other Councillors and community representatives.

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