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The St. Mary police will be implementing a number of measures over the Christmas and New Year’s holidays to improve security and ensure the orderly use of roadways in Port Maria and other major towns in the parish.
In an interview with JIS News, Deputy Superintendent, Devon Field, Officer in Charge of Operations at the Port Maria police station, said the measures include increased foot patrols and mobile patrols, additional deployment of plain clothes policemen on the streets of the town, and increased monitoring of motorists on the roads to ensure that road traffic regulations are obeyed.
He said other towns in which measures would be implemented are Highgate, Annotto Bay and Gayle, adding that the police would also be giving safety tips to business persons and other persons carrying large sums of cash, about safe ways in which to transport money during the yuletide season.
Mr. Field said the measures are also aimed at ensuring that St. Mary maintained its status of a low crime rate parish, and that the police were particularly vigilant at this time because of the recognition that unscrupulous persons very often use the Christmas season to carry out a number of criminal activities.
He pointed out that the police would also be monitoring vendors in the towns to ensure that they conduct their business in a manner which was orderly and not obstructive to the public.

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