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KINGSTON — The Ministry of Education is reporting that students did well in this year’s Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) with improved results in the various subject areas, particularly Mathematics.

The mean score for the subject is 62 per cent, which is a five per cent increase over the 57 per cent average recorded last year.

“We are seeing good results in Math. Math is traditionally one of our weakest areas and we are seeing improvements at the GSAT level,” the Minister stated at a press conference held yesterday June 21 at his National Heroes Circle offices to announce the results of the examination.

He noted that the improved performance in Math, which has been trending up since 2008, was as a result of the Ministry’s introduction of new teaching strategies and other measures.

“It is a direct result of transformation but it is also a direct result of the literacy test that we have introduced and holding principals and teachers accountable. So we are seeing the results of all the actions that we have taken over the years put together,” he pointed out.

Students also performed well in Communication Tasks with the mean score improving from 66.1 per cent to 70.4 per cent; Science up 63.3 per cent from 59.6 per cent; while Social Studies remained flat at 58.1 per cent.

For Language Arts, there was a slight decline of 0.2 per cent from 58 per cent in 2010 to 57.8 per cent this year.

A total of 43,479 students were registered to sit GSAT on March 24 and 25 in 1,004 schools, comprising 797 public and 207 private institutions. The number included 11 children, who were home schooled. Of the total registered, 1,833 students were absent from the examinations.

Approximately 71 per cent of the students were placed based on their preference.