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The Government has taken steps to improve the living conditions of residents in two informal settlements.
In Portmore, twenty one families are to gain security of tenure on lands which they now occupy under the Local Improvements (Community Amenities) Act.
Cabinet has approved the purchase of 1.3 hectares of land at Wallens Pathway for the sum of $7.5 million by the Ministry of Water and Housing. This was done under the Local Improvements (Community Amenities) Act. Upon completion, the Ministry will upgrade the infrastructure and apply for subdivision approval from the Portmore Municipal Council.
Residents of Norwood H, St James, near Montego Bay will also benefit from the Cabinet approval of $161.8 million for infrastructure projects including road works and the provision of water and drainage facilities. The present facilities are inadequate for the 4,000 persons who are resident there.
Y.P. Seaton and Associates were approved as the contractors.

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