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Governor-General, His Excellency the Most Hon. Sir Patrick Allen, says the Government has secured the support of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), for a minimum level of social intervention programmes to protect the most vulnerable members of the society, during the new financial year.

“Accordingly, it will, to the maximum extent possible, ensure that allocations to our vulnerable citizens are better targeted; that we achieve better ratios in terms of what the beneficiaries receive relative to the cost of delivering the benefits to them; and that our service delivery is reflective of much improved quality of customer service and care,” the Governor-General said, as he delivered the Throne Speech at Gordon House, on Thursday, April 4, to signify the beginning of the new fiscal year.

[Download the Governor General’s 2013 Throne Speech]

He informed that the support was negotiated and secured outside of the macro-economic targets.

The Governor-General further noted that a more effective and efficient public sector is essential to the Government meeting its macro-economic targets, and announced several initiatives that will be implemented to make this happen.

These include the conversion of the Revenue Department into a Semi-Autonomous Revenue Agency, following the recent passage of legislation; the conversion, beginning with the Customs Department, of a number of entities to Executive Agencies; and giving greater focus to improving the climate of ‘Doing Business’.

The latter will include simplifying ‘business processes’ of Government; the amendment of some existing Legislation and the enactment of new ones, as well as the improved use of technology.

By Andrea Braham, JIS Reporter

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