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The Inter-American Institute for Co-operation on Agriculture (IICA) has presented Prime Minister Award for Excellence (Agriculture) youth recipient and Jamaica 4-H Clubs Boy of the Year, Kevaugh Bonner, with a pair of rabbits and a cheque for $13,000.00 to boost his rabbit hutch.
The presentation was made on Wednesday (December 9) at the Manchester Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA) Conference Room, Mandeville, by Jim Currie, husband of IICA Representative, Cynthia Currie.
Speaking with JIS News, Mr. Currie said that the rabbits and the money will help to boost Mr. Bonner’s rabbit stock, which was almost wiped out by diseases. He said that a second cheque will be given to him to assist with the labour costs of constructing the hutches.
Parish Development Officer for Manchester 4-H Clubs, Malonia Harper, said that having placed second in the IICA agribusiness awards, at the recent Denbigh Agricultural Show, Mr. Bonner was presented with a pair of rabbits by IICA.
He was presented with pairs of pure bred rabbits, one Flemish Giant and the other New Zealand Black, which IICA imported from the United States to help improve his current stock.
Mr. Bonner has been raising rabbits for the past seven years, after his mother brought him his first pair at age 10. He continues to raise them with assistance from the 4-H Clubs and training in Rabbit Care and Management.
“I started out with the Dutch Chinchilla Cross rabbit and, from there on, I reached to a point of having 50 rabbits,” he said..
He explained that his weaners are sold for meat and as pets and that, in spite of the problems that have affected the rabbitery, he wants it to be the top one in Jamaica, and to aim for the meat markets and the hotel industry.
He is a student at Manchester High School and the current Junior Leaders President for the Manchester 4-H Clubs.

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