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The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) has approved funding of $1.9 billion (US$21 million) for the Citizen Security and Justice Programme (CSJP) to continue its initiatives and interventions geared towards reducing the level of major crimes and interpersonal violence, for another four years.
This was disclosed by Minister of National Security Senator the Hon. Dwight Nelson, during his contribution to the 2009/10 State of the Nation Debate in the Senate on Friday (January 22).
He noted the positive impact of social intervention programmes like the CSJP, Community Security Initiative (CSI), and the Peace Management Initiative (PMI).
“It has been proved in many policing jurisdictions that citizens will always be more responsive to the security forces when they show a human and caring side in enforcing the law. The success achieved by CSJP and CSI in Fletchers Land in Kingston; Granville, Glendevon and Flanker in St. James; Russia in Westmoreland; and other communities across Jamaica, has reinforced the need for our continued social intervention, and provided a blueprint for successful implementation,” Senator Nelson said.
Meanwhile in 2009, the CSJP continued its social intervention activities in 26 communities namely: Ambrook Lane/Cassia Park, August Town, Denham Town, Drewsland, Fletchers Land, Grant’s Pen, Greater Allman Town, Hannah Town, Kencot, Mountain View, Parade Gardens (Southside/Tel Aviv), Rockfort, Tower Hill, Trench Town and Waterhouse in Kingston; Mount Salem, Farm Heights, Rose Heights, Canterbury, North Gully, Salt Spring, Norwood, Glendevon, Flanker and Granville in St. James; and Russia in Westmoreland.
The CSJP’s main areas of service/intervention include, among others: vocational skills training and employment internship for young persons; life skills education for young adults; parenting skills training and education; and school fee assistance when warranted.
“The CSJP spent nearly $362 million on its community projects. Given the long-term nature of community re-socialisation, CSJP will continue to work in the existing 26 communities and will conduct the necessary assessment to expand the work of the programme to other areas,” Senator Nelson said.
The Security Minister further noted that during the current calendar year, the CSJP will work with the Ministry of Justice to pilot the establishment of Community Justice Tribunals.

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