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Minister of Commerce, Science and Technology, Phillip Paulwell, has said that more than US$500 million in investments has been pumped into the telecommunications industry since the liberalization of the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector.
“The de-monopolization of the sector has resulted in over 200 new licenses for a range of facilities and services awarded to a number of entrepreneurs.These and other recent developments in the ICT sector, have supported our continued optimism that this sector holds tremendous promise for the attraction of investments and the generation of jobs,” Minister Paulwell declared.
He was addressing the opening session of the 2004 Contact Centre & Strategic Sourcing Summit of the Americas for the Caribbean, Latin America and North America, at the Half Moon Conference Centre in Rose Hall Montego Bay.
The four-day summit, which began on Sunday (Feb. 8), is expected to attract some 150 senior level executives in the teleservices industry in the Americas, and offers the opportunity for Jamaica to promote itself as a favourable and strategic offshore location for ICT services.
The Commerce, Science and Technology Minister said that the records had shown that government was focusing on developing the country’s human resource capacity to compete more effectively in the ICT industry, with the establishment of a number of facilities such as the Caribbean Institute of Technology (CIT).
“The government of Jamaica is committed to the implementation of an information and communications policy that emphasizes e-governance, e-commerce, and the use of information and communications technology to drive the process of trade, development and the generation of jobs,” Mr. Paulwell pointed out.
He noted that through a dedicated training project, more than 10,000 persons at varying levels in information and communications technology have received training. The country has also, as a result of this, been sensitized to the importance of ICT in enhancing international competitiveness, with Jamaica becoming a far more technology aware country than before.
Over the next two days, topical issues in relation to ICT will be discussed such as; optimizing contact centres to full potential, expanding strategic options and e-mail security: What’s the answer?

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