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Advertising industry guru and diplomat, Arnold Foote, C.D., says he feels humbled and deeply honoured to be awarded the Order of Jamaica (OJ), the country’s fifth highest honour.
Mr. Foote, who is being recognised for his contribution to advertising, sports and diplomacy, will receive his award at the National Heroes’ Day ceremony, to be held at King’s House on October 18.
“It’s a wonderful feeling to know that after you have reached my age, that the country thought it important enough to honour me in such a manner, and it has really given me a feeling which is so hard to describe and such a wonderful recognition for the work that I try to do,” he tells JIS News. He says the acknowledgement has given him renewed vigour to continue to make a contribution to “a beautiful country that I love so much.”

Mr. Arnold Foote, guru of the advertising industry.

Mr. Foote has made his mark on Jamaica’s advertising industry through his own agency, Advertising and Marketing Limited, as well as through his leadership and membership of the Advertising Agencies Association of Jamaica (AAAJ). He is a past President of the AAAJ, of which he was a member since 1968 and served as President from 1968 to 1973; 1991 to 1996; and 2001 to 2002.

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