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i-doc Concierge Wellness Services Limited is looking to expand its operations across the island with the establishment of offices in all 14 parishes at a preliminary estimate of $1 billion.

Managing Director, Dr. Sherridene Lee, said that the long-term plan is for the company to build out its own constructed premises in each parish offering in-house hospital service to include a renal dialysis unit for kidney patients, oncology centre for cancer treatment and cardiology centre for heart health.

She said that the expansion plans will primarily be funded from the reinvested profits of the business as well as income from other business portfolios the company owns.

Dr. Lee was speaking at the launch of i-doc’s new health club facility at Icon Mall in Fairview, Montego Bay, on Tuesday (July 27).

An innovative 24-hour concierge medical service, i-doc is designed to simplify access to high-quality private healthcare for Jamaicans.

The services are tailored to meet the clients’ needs and include wellness-based primary care; at-home nursing care by registered nurses; telemedicine service, where clients are able to consult a doctor via phone call/email/text message and have their prescription called in to a pharmacy of their choice; health and wellness discount membership clubs;  workplace wellness programmes; quick response house calls; and wellness retreats.

There are three i-doc centres in Montego Bay, with two others located in Negril, Westmoreland, and Drax Hall, St. Ann.

Dr. Lee said that the company is now on an aggressive path to solicit club membership, which, in addition to providing discounts on health services, will offer unlimited telemedicine consultations with general practitioners, private ambulance service, and medical advocacy where needed.

“There is power in numbers, and we are aiming to enrol a large percentage of the population,” she pointed out, noting that persons will pay between $1,000 and $3,750 for three categories of membership – silver, gold, and platinum.

“Members will be paying into a kind of time-share directly related to their healthcare. The more persons who come on board the bigger the discounts will be from each healthcare provider,” she pointed out.

Dr. Lee said that i-doc is committed to contributing to enhancing the delivery of healthcare in Jamaica.

“i-doc Concierge Wellness Services Limited intends to bridge the gaps that exist in the health system,” she said.

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