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Some 650 students of Hydel Junior Preparatory School, located at Ferry, in St. Catherine, were exposed to a wide range of career choices, at their school’s Career Day, held on May 13.
Several professionals spoke to the students, aged three to 12 years, about their professions and answered questions, while groups of students paraded in the uniforms of the different professions.
One of the students who took part in the parade was 10-year-old Daniel Phipps. He was among a group of students dressed as bakers.

Students of Hydel in their pilot uniforms

“That’s my son,” his proud mother, Rhona Cole told JIS News.
Miss Cole was among parents, who had dressed their children and taken them to school, and returned to support the event.
“I took time off from work to be here, to see him (Daniel) and the children in their career uniform,” Miss Cole said. “He’s autistic, so he has problems communicating and he does repetitive things. I visualise him working with people in the future,” she said.
Flight Attendant, Lilia Bennett, also a parent, spoke of the importance of an airline to a country, the services they provide to travellers, the safety features to be observed and the opportunity the job provides for travel to other countries and to learn about different cultures.

Students of Hydel in their fire-fighting uniforms

Six-year-old, David Dunkley, who was dressed as a pilot, told JIS News that he has travelled before and would really like to fly a plane. “I want to be a pilot, I would love to fly a plane some day,” he said.
Dressed as a baker, eight-year-old Ronaldo Williams, is already preparing for his chosen career. “I want to be a baker, I like bread, my mother is a baker and I help my mother,” he said.
Student, Michael Stanley, was dressed in a Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) uniform, but he wants to become a basketball player.
“I think it is fun, people say I must play it, because I am tall. My daddy is six feet tall and I will grow to be taller than my daddy,” the nine-year-old told JIS News.
The student ‘fire-fighters’ seemed to have had the most fun as they demonstrated the ‘Stop, Drop, and Roll’ technique to follow when their clothes are on fire. The real fire-fighters from the Spanish Town Division told the students not to hide behind, beneath, or in objects, but instead, to get out of a burning house immediately, by crawling, as the level of the deadly, choking smoke is much lesser closer to the floor.
A total of 12 career areas were highlighted, including the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), nursing, farming, engineering, athletics, entrepreneurship, and working in media. The Jamaica Information Service (JIS) was invited to make a presentation and to mount a display of the various disciplines within the media.
Manager of the Television Department of the JIS, Stacy-Ann Smith, who made the presentation on behalf of the agency said she enjoyed the children’s participation. “Nearly all of them knew what JIS means,” Mrs. Smith said.
“It makes sense to start engaging the children’s minds toward a profession from an early age, and making them wear the uniform makes achieving the goal much more real for them,” she added.
Addressing the students, School Principal, Ann Bell said that, “as school principals and teachers, it is our duty to give you a good education, so that you can get a good job”.
Founder and President of the Hydel Group of Schools, Senator Hyacinth Bennett, said the means already exist for her students to get a good education.
“We have from nursery to university right here on our compound, one school feeding the other at the next level,” she told JIS News.
The Hydel Group of Schools, which is located on 6.5 acres of land, comprise 11 institutions, including a nursery, pre-school, preparatory school, pre-first form (for students who are not academically ready for junior high), junior high, senior high, sixth form, special education, remedial reading, academic support, and a university college, which offers early childhood and primary education degrees and diplomas.

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