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Hundreds of residents from Westmoreland and surrounding parishes joined in prayer and worship for the country at the 20th Annual National Prayer Vigil held on Sunday (December 9) at the Wesley Methodist Church in Savanna-La-Mar.

The event, held under the theme: ‘Justice, unity peace and healing,’ included inspirational singing, readings and dance presentations, while clerics from various denominations prayed for divine intervention, as the country faces a number of challenges.

Addressing the large congregation, Governor-General, His Excellency the Most Hon. Sir Patrick Allen, said that the occasion provided an opportune time for Jamaicans to step away from their daily routine and to unite in “storming the Gates of Heaven” on behalf of the nation.

"Like all of you gathered here, I choose to be here, because I recognise the urgency of Jamaica’s need for God-inspired solutions for the many problems that we are faced with …this is truly a time for prayer, renewal and commitment to action,” he said. 

"We need only to reflect on our journey as a nation over the past 50 years and the mission on which we have embarked, to understand the relevance of this theme: ‘justice, unity, peace and healing‘… which are essentials to the transformation of our people and our country,” the Governor-General noted.

He urged all participants to renew their own commitment to contribute to the creation of a society in which “justice and peace reign supreme, a society where there is unity of purpose, a society where tribalism is relegated to the dung-hill of the past, a society that is peaceful and where we can reconcile our differences and respect each other, and a society where we are our brother’s keeper."

Pastor of the Savanna-La-Mar Circuit of Baptist Churches, Rev. Carlton Wilson, who delivered the sermon, said that if justice is to be achieved, then Jamaica must give God his due.

"Justice cannot be achieved by us taking the law into our own hands, without talking with God, without being instructed by the Word of God and by his Holy Spirit,” he stated.

Rev. Wilson challenged citizens across the country and Christians in particular, to ensure that they spread justice in the land by doing what is right.

The Governor-General, and Her Excellency Lady Allen, then participated in the symbolic lighting of candles, to bring the service to a close.