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Member of Parliament for Western St. Mary, Dr. Neil McGill has said that the implementation of housing and water supply projects in his constituency, had greatly improved the quality of life of the citizens.
He said people in the area were grateful for the Social Housing Programme (modalities One and Two), which had enabled more than 100 persons to benefit from repairs and complete housing solutions.
“If maintained, it will positively influence the housing landscape of the country to the extent where history will find great favour in the conceptualisers of this programme,” Dr. McGill said.
“It will make a positive impact, not only on housing, but the self confidence of our people. Combine this with the inner city housing programme and we are creating a sound highway,” he added.
Dr. McGill was making his contribution to the 2005/06 Sectoral Debate in the House of Representatives on June 7.
The Member of Parliament said the housing solutions would make a positive contribution to reducing the scourge of crime and violence.
Dr. McGill pointed out that there were three active Operation PRIDE projects in the constituency, at Eden Park, Uddersfield, and Boscobel. He said that although there were challenges, the stakeholders were working assiduously to speed up the process.
“We are insistent that the beneficiaries ought to be individuals who own no land, have not previously nor simultaneously benefited from a PRIDE project, and are from the locale or adjoining communities. We have no space for professional squatters,” he told the House.
With this and other infrastructural improvements taking place, he informed that a number of middle class and upper income developments were flourishing throughout the constituency.
Turning to water, Dr. McGill said the $43 million Mango Valley water supply scheme was proceeding, with service mains being laid and rehabilitation of the roadway having commenced. This phase should be completed by end of June and the installation of a tank would follow.
Meanwhile, the Bunny Gate to Top Hill water supply scheme is scheduled to commence by the end of next week, he added. The contract has been signed for the Mile Gully/York Castle water supply scheme and environmental studies submitted. Construction on that system should commence before the end of September.
In addition, the Member of Parliament informed that the Mason Hall water supply scheme, which was a collaboration of the Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF), the National Water Commission (NWC), the private sector, and citizens, was far advanced and it is anticipated that implementation would be completed by the end of 2005/06.

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