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The Ministry of Water and Housing and the National Housing Trust (NHT) are urgently seeking to identify land in Hanover for housing projects.
The move comes against the abandonment of planned developments at Point and Industry Cove by the NHT, as, according to portfolio Minister, Hon. Dr. Horace Chang, the character of the land made the properties unsuitable for housing.
“Generally, we would like to do some more housing in Hanover. Our interest right now is to find some lands,” he stated at a meeting of the Hanover Parish Council in Lucea on Thursday (March 11).
“We badly need additional lands that are appropriate in Hanover, anywhere along the coastline that we can acquire. We are willing to look at it and seek the funding to acquire it,” he pointed out.
According to Dr. Chang, the expansion of the tourism sector in the parish has created an urgent need for more housing solutions, especially for low-income groups. The provision of affordable housing, he argued, will reduce the need for informal settlements, which have become a problem across the island.
He informed that discussions are underway to acquire the Cousins Cove property, which he said, has capability for the kind of development that will cater to multiple economic levels based on the amount of land available.
“It seems quite reasonable and we should have some space there for some development,” he stated, noting that the owners seem “quite willing” to dispose of the property.
The Housing Minister told the parish councillors that discussions are also being held to establish joint venture partnerships and other approaches towards the provision of housing solutions in the parish.

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