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A research team from the Ministry of Housing, Transport Water and Works is undertaking a socioeconomic survey at Galleon Beach in St. Elizabeth, to determine the suitability of providing government housing for some 200 families, who have informally settled on 33.36 hectares (83.4 acres) of land in the area.
Senior Director in the Ministry, Doreen Prendergast, told JIS News that an initial reconnaissance of the area was done last month, which set the stage for the survey. “The persons there were notified that we would be coming back to do the survey. During the reconnaissance, we also used the opportunity to test the questionnaire to see if it had any shortcomings,” she informed.
In addition to identifying infrastructural needs, the study, which should take between four to six months, will help the Ministry garner information about income, family size, accumulated savings and National Housing Trust (NHT) contributions, Ms. Ferguson said. “This will help us to know the type of people we are relating to and their ability to take on a benefit,” she added.
Cabinet in February approved the acquisition of the land as part of government’s continuing efforts to support measures to provide Jamaicans secure settlement and housing.
The property, which measures 48.72 hectares (121.8 acres) in total, is owned by Federal Realty and Trust Company Limited.
Once the completion of the acquisition process has taken place, the land will be further developed and sold to the occupants. The purchase price of the land and any other cost incurred by the Ministry will be recovered from the proceeds of the sale to the occupants.
The cost of the project will be verified as a result of the socioeconomic survey, which will identify key facilities to be included in the housing development.

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