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The House of Representatives paid tribute to the late Member of Parliament (MP) for Western St. Mary, Dr.Neil McGill, who passed away last month under tragic circumstances, at Tuesday’s (September 14) sitting.
In the tribute, seven Members of Parliament reflected on the life of Dr. McGill, who was a member of the Opposition People’s National Party (PNP), as kind, compassionate and caring.
MP for Central St. Mary, Dr. Morais Guy, said Dr. McGill would be remembered in the parish for his generosity.
“He was the benefactor to many football competitions within the schools and the youth clubs.He served as chairman of the Oracabessa High school. We have lost a good son of St. Mary, we have lost a friend of St. Mary, we have lost a good man from Jamaica,” he stated, extending condolences to Dr. McGill’s wife, Sylvia, and his family.
MP for West Central St. James, Clive Mullings, said Dr. McGill was a man of strong views and an intellectual, but also kind-hearted.
“I think two words would describe Dr. McGill – an officer and a gentleman. I was struck by his concern for people. He was a man who, as a true professional, devoted himself to the practice of medicine, but moreso he had the measure of kindness to extend to others. He had many commercial exploits and pursuits, but yet he found time to give service to this country,” he said.
Mr. Mullings noted that at parliamentary committee meetings, Dr. McGill displayed depth of thought, strength of commitment and an interchange that would be sorely missed.
MP for South St. Andrew, Dr. Omar Davies, emphasised the close friendship that he shared with Dr. McGill, spanning some 50 years.
“His death shook not just me, but the whole Glenmuir (High School) community. there will be few who could equal his contribution in a wide range of areas. He was a part of the National Reserves for 15 years, (and) his contribution to social development and education in St. Mary, as well as his practice, was legendary,” Dr. Davies said.
Minister of Transport and Works, Hon. Michael Henry, who defeated Dr. McGill in the 2007 General Election in Central Clarendon, said he was someone he had great respect for, noting that the McGill family was admired for its integrity.
“He was a true reflection of the family and his family roots. a family of integrity with a sense of fair play that manifested itself in the time that the spent here (in Parliament), which we shared on committees, sharing the aspirations of the country,” Mr. Henry said.
MP for South West Clarendon, Noel Arscott, said Dr. McGill’s untimely death was a reminder of the crime challenging the country.
“We remember him for his kindness, his courage, his dedication, (and) for his commitment to his country,” he said.

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