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The House of Representatives, on Tuesday (September 18), approved legislation to indemnify the Transport Authority from any legal action arising from its collection of fees between December 1, 1989 and December 8, 2015.

The Bill, entitled ‘Transport Authority (Validation and Indemnity) Act, 2016’, serves to validate and confirm the activities of the Authority.

Minister of Transport and Mining, Hon. Robert Montague, who piloted the Bill, explained that the Transport Authority, in good faith, has been collecting fees from the operators of public passenger vehicles in the absence of legislative authority for such collection prior to December 9, 2015, when the Transport Authority Fees Regulation was gazetted.

The fees collected were used to defray the expenses of the Authority connected with its functions of regulating and monitoring public transportation, he noted.

He said that the provisions in the Bill seek to correct “that anomaly that has been outstanding” and to indemnify the officers of the Authority who collected the fees.

The Transport Authority Fees Regulation 2015 brought the Transport Authority’s activities in line with the provisions of the Transport Authority Act.

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