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A Bill to amend the Nurses and Midwives Act to facilitate re-registration and continuing medical education for nurses was passed in the House of Representatives with three amendments.
The legislation, which was piloted by Health Minister John Junor in the House of Representatives on Tuesday, November 30 serves to regularize certain aspects of the profession.
In early November when the debate began, Minister Junor gave the undertaking to suspend the debate pending a meeting between himself, Opposition Spokesman on Health Dr. Ken Baugh and representatives of the Nursing Association of Jamaica due to the concerns regarding the issue of the required hours of training.
With the amendments, persons registering as a midwife, registered nurse or enrolled nurse would be required to undertake 25 hours in the basic discipline and an additional five hours in accounting, computing, self development nutrition and fitness counseling or other special learning activity.
Minister Junor said this was in an attempt to broaden the educational base of nursing and allow for courses to be admitted as part of the thrust to provide improved services to the health sector. Persons seeking double registration would be required to undertake 30 hours in the basic discipline and 10 in the specialty making 40 hours over a two-year period and 45 hours for triple registration.
Dr. Baugh, said the Opposition had no objections to the Bill and was pleased with the modifications as they stood.

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