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    The House of Representatives has approved the removal of over 3,000 posts from the civil service.

    This was done through approval of the Civil Service Establishment (General) (Amendment) Order 2012 Resolution, which was moved by Minister without portfolio in the Ministry of Finance and Planning, Hon. Horace Dalley, in the House, on September 11.

    Mr. Dalley explained that a circular was sent out in June 2012 to various State entities requesting a review of the posts which the departments, agencies and ministries felt could be removed from the establishment.

    "So far, the resulting submission yielded 3,100 posts. These include, but are not limited to, obsolete classifications, non critical posts made vacant through retirement or resignation and posts that have been made vacant for a long time, but still remain on the establishment,” the Minister said.

    He added that Departments which have become statutory organisations and have duplicated posts, for example, the Ministry of Health and the Regional Health Authorities, also indicated that some of these posts will have to be abolished.

    "This is still a work in progress, as more posts can be identified for removal from the establishment and additionally the public sector monitoring committee is still working on other areas, such as staff orders, leave arrangements, pension arrangements, rationalisation in the public sector and issues of public service regulations," Mr. Dalley said.

    He added that the Government remains committed to the process of dialogue and will not take any decision without the input of stakeholders.

    "We want to improve and make the public sector leaner and more efficient. But we will do this not through drastic separation of persons from their jobs, but through a process of attrition, resignation and abolition of posts that are not necessary,” Mr. Dalley noted. 

    Most of the cuts came from the Ministry of Health, where 1,046 posts are being eliminated.