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The Hope Bay police in Portland will soon be operating from new premises as a result of an agreement between the Ministries of Education and National Security.
A cottage adjoining the Hope Bay All-age school, which previously housed teaching staff, has been refurbished at a cost of approximately $10 million to accommodate the police station.
The three-bedroom, two-bath cottage was modified, with partitions put in to provide working space, new fixtures added, and the entire premise painted. There is still some minor electrical work to be done and the 17 police men and women, who serve the area, are expected to move in as soon as the work is completed.
Its acquisition for use by the police was made possible as a result of representation made by Member of Parliament for Western Portland, Daryl Vaz, who, along with Acting Commissioner of Police (ACP), Owen Ellington, inspected the building during a recent familiarisation tour.
Mr. Vaz said that the facility will go a far way in strengthening the effectiveness of the police.
He said he was happy to have been able to play a role in the acquisition of the property and expressed commitment to working to improve the conditions under which the police in the parish operate.
ACP Ellington, in the meantime, commended the Ministries for partnering to provide the Hope Bay police with proper facilities from which to operate.
Stating that the police will take the best care of the building, he mentioned plans to increase personnel at the station in order to improve the mobility and effectiveness of policing in the area.
Superintendent Anthony Powell, who is Commanding Officer of the Portland Police Division, also expressed pleasure at the development and assured residents that the police in the area will work assiduously to ensure their security.
The original Hope Bay Police Station was closed in 2006 as a result of its dilapidated condition.
Since then, the law enforcement personnel have been operating from a privately owned two-bedroom house, which is unsuitable for use as a police station. This new premises will better facilitate the work of the police and improve their effectiveness.

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