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Hope 2007 is expressing full support for the National Hurricane Clean-Up Project to be undertaken on (September 29), and on Sunday, September 30.
Speaking with JIS News, Chairman of Hope 2007, Evangelist Errol Rattray said it was part of the Christian’s duty to ensure that the country is cleaned, as cleanliness is next to Godliness. “There is a call for clean-up and we have identified with it, so the entire Christian community is giving their support,” he said.
“A number of persons will be coming from the different areas. In Jamaica we have more churches per mile than anywhere else in the world and just about everywhere there is a church in close proximity,” Mr. Rattray added.
He also noted that the Christian community would be praying that the project is a success. “We are a people who believe in prayer and that prayer changes a lot of things. We are praying that there will be good weather. We are praying that there will be no violence and we are praying that there will be no accidents, so we have brought a spiritual component,” he said.
Evangelist Rattray explained that this is the moment for the cleanliness process to begin. “There is what I call a moment; a moment comes in everybody’s life, in the life of a country, in the life of a family, in the life of an individual. Another moment has come.
Hurricane Dean has struck Jamaica and a number of people have not recovered yet. The Christian community will always be there, so that when a moment arises, we can respond to it,” he said.
He emphasised that it was the role of the Christian community to instill hope within all Jamaicans, and that Hope 2007 would be doing its best to bring hope to persons who have been discouraged by Hurricane Dean. “We will bring a hope factor where we will be there as encouragers. We’ll talk to them and encourage them,” he said.
Mr. Rattray urged all Jamaicans to give their full support to the clean-up project.

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