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Some 500 homeless persons are expected to converge at St. William Grant Park downtown Kingston on Saturday (Nov. 24), where they will be fed, clothed and provided with medical assistance by scores of volunteers.
The ‘Day of Care’, which is being organized by the International Volunteer Day Committee (IVDC), will take place from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the eastern section of the park facing the Coke Methodist Church. Now in its second year, the event represents the national activity to commemorate International Volunteer Day on December 5.
Committee Member, Lorna McPherson, told JIS News that given the roaring success of the event last year, where some 300 persons were assisted, the decision was made to include more persons this year.
“We are working very closely with the Poor Relief organization, which normally would have registration of all of the people in that category downtown; they know them. We also have the Jamaica Red Cross and St. John’s Ambulance, among others helping us,” she informed.
The volunteers will kick off the day by serving hot breakfasts to those in need. Throughout the day, persons will receive clothing, which according to Ms. McPherson have been collected by various organizations connected to the Council for Voluntary Social Services (CVSS). These include the Salvation Army, Jamaica Red Cross, Boys Brigade, Girl Guides and the National Council for Senior Citizens. In addition, hygiene packages will be handed out.
Senior Medical Officer, Dr. Maureen Irons Morgan and Dr. Herma Carpenter, will provide medical attention for the homeless persons. The private sector has also lent its support in a major way by providing meals. Juici Beef Patties will serve soup at noon, while Island Grill will provide lunches. Other sponsors include National Housing Trust, Jamaica Money Market Brokers and LASCO, among others.
International Volunteers Day was first observed in Jamaica in 2001.

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