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Six judges were sworn in today (September 10), to take up various positions in the high courts, by Deputy Governor-General, Hon. Dr. Gilbert Allen, during a ceremony at King’s House.
Mrs. Justice Norma McIntosh was sworn in as a Court of Appeal Judge, effective September 10. With effect from September 16, Mr. Frank Osbourne St. Martin Williams, Ms. Carol Christine Edwards, Mr. Evan Jeffrey Brown and Miss Nicole Adrienne Simmons will act as Puisne Judges of the Supreme Court, while Mrs. Sharon Ayton-George, has been appointed to act as Master-in-Chambers for the Supreme Court, also effective September 16.
Before presenting the Instruments of Appointment to the judges, Dr. Allen noted that the appointees have a high responsibility to protect the legitimacy and integrity of the judicial system, by ensuring that justice is dispensed in a timely and responsive manner.

Deputy Governor-General, Hon. Dr. Gilbert Allen (left), having a light discussion with Mrs. Justice Norma McIntosh, following a ceremony at King’s House, today (September 10), where she was sworn in as a Judge in the Court of Appeal.

“The public will be observing your performance and scrutinising the timeliness and quality of your judgements. Your actions must therefore be irreproachable to command the respect of our citizens, and reaffirm the integrity and continuity of our judicial system,” he said.
President of the Court of Appeal, Mr. Justice Seymour Panton, in his charge to the appointees, encouraged them to “hold the scales of justice evenly,” and not be deterred by those who would like them to make decisions based on their wishes.
“Your duty is to decide matters on the basis of the law, the Constitution and your conscience, when you look at the evidence and the material before you,” he advised.
In her remarks, Chief Justice, Hon. Mrs. Justice Zaila McCalla urged the judges to continue to give of their best in the service of their country.
“Great confidence has been reposed in your ability to maintain the highest and finest traditions of the judiciary,” she said.
Responding on behalf of the judges, Mrs. McIntosh said they are grateful to be recognised for their hard work, and that they are passionate about justice and fairness to all.
“We all recognise the responsibility which is ours, to hold the standards of justice high, and to do our duty to the people of Jamaica, who look to us to dispense justice to all,” she said.

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