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Some 36 students from high schools across the island will be participating in the Consumer Affairs Commission’s (CAC) inaugural Smart Consumer Club in Schools Energy Camp, slated for the Invercauld Great House in St. Elizabeth from July 12 to 15.
Speaking with JIS News, Chief Executive Officer at the CAC, Dolsie Allen noted that the four-day camp is aimed at “harnessing students who are members of the one-year old Smart Consumer Club and have shown a commitment to the culture of energy conservation and consumer advocacy.”
She said that the daily sessions will address issues such as: the importance of preserving the environment; energy conservation; safe use of electricity; personal development including time management; developing good communication skills; and self motivation strategies.
According to Mrs. Allen, “the whole thing of energy is very topical and is one of the projects that we have given these clubs in schools to undertake…we believe that taking them from different schools and background and informing them about energy issues would allow them to become more aware of the need for conservation.”
The energy camp, she pointed out, provides a medium for students to voice their opinion and generate ideas on energy conservation, renewable energy and related issues.
“The students are at a very critical age now where they are becoming young adults and if we can get this generation to be so conscious of conservation, then this will all go well for the country and in the long run, there will be some savings in terms of our energy bill,” Mrs. Allen stated.
The energy camp is being supported by the Jamaica Public Service Company, the Office of Utilities Regulation and the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica.
The participating high schools include: Ardenne, Balaclava, Dunoon Technical, Kingsway, Merl Grove, Vauxhall and Campion College.

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