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The sport of table tennis has received a boost in South Manchester, with the handing over of five tennis boards to two high schools and a community in the area, by Member of Parliament, Michael Peart.
Cross Keys and Winston Jones High Schools have been given two boards each, while the Farm Community Club has received one.
At a handing over exercise, held at the Cross Keys High School on December 14, Head Boy at the institution, Waynedeon Dixon, said that students would be able to practice more for the sport.
“This will impact on the players, as they will have more space to train, as they used to play on a piece of board prior to receiving these tables. I am sure that the players will take care of them, and we all thank the Member of Parliament for them. Every evening we spend a few hours practising and we will soon be entering competitions, and we be will be winning,” he said.
In his remarks, Mr. Peart said he has been working with a sports programme, through the South Manchester Youth and Sports Council, and that he decided sometime ago “to start something with the two high schools in my constituency, Winston Jones and Cross Keys.”
“If the students are going to practise, they must do so with the right boards, and this I hope will result in an improvement in table tennis in all the schools,” Mr. Peart said.
Expressing thanks for the boards, Principal at Cross Keys High School, Mr. Ralph Nelson, said he wants to develop the school’s sports programme. “We want to build sports at Cross Keys High School. Sports in any school help with cognitive development, and also with discipline, and we want to offer the students a variety of sports. When we approached the Member of Parliament for help, he was most supportive,” Mr. Nelson said.
The tennis boards were purchased at a cost of $150,000 from the Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

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