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The Road Safety Unit is reporting that there is a high prevalence of road fatalities among boys. According to statistics from the Unit, 13 of the 18 children killed this year, were boys. The Unit says this is a worrying trend because the boys have always been in the majority.
Of the 23 children killed in road accidents last year, 15 were boys. In 2001, 20 of the 30 children killed within the school year were boys, the highest within six years. The boys have been dominating the girls in child fatalities since 2001.
Accident Analyst at the Road Safety Unit, Kenute Hare said that boys display a lack of caution and disrespect for the driving environment.
“The males have dominated the persons, who have been killed in roads crashes from as far as 2001 because they are more risk takers and a lot of times they do not exercise the necessary caution they should, so it is wanton indiscipline why this has been occurring,” he said.
While disagreeing with studies that have shown that it is the psychological and biological makeup of the male gender to be aggressive, Mr. Hare emphasized that everyone should recognize the consequences of their actions.
“A lot of times males think they can get away and this sort of behaviour is passed on to the male children,” he stated.

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