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The resort town of Ocho Rios is reporting high cruise ship passenger figures, with arrivals recorded at 80,000 for January and another 80,000 expected for February.
Manager of the Ocho Rios Cruise Ship Terminal, Dennis Richards, told JIS News that the high figures should continue into March with 85,000 passengers expected.He noted that the impressive figures followed from last December, when a record 91,000 passengers arrivals at the Ocho Rios and Reynold’s piers. The figure was the highest in the island for the month.
He informed that during the week of the Ocho Rios Cruise Shipping Trade Fair (February 7-11), a total of 16,000 cruise visitors arrived in Ocho Rios, with 11,000 coming through the Ocho Rios pier and the remaining 5,000 arriving at Reynold’s.
Mr. Richards said that the town of Ocho Rios and the parish of St. Ann have benefited a lot from tourism and in particular the cruise shipping industry.
“The vendors are benefiting and this proves to me that persons are becoming a part of the sector in one way or another,” he stated.
Mr. Richards commended the public for their hospitality to the visitors and urged them to continue to support the tourism sector to build a better Jamaica.
“Let us continue to show them love and kindness so that they will not only want to come because of the various attractions but for the people of the country as well,” he stated.

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