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High Commissioner to the United Kingdom (UK), His Excellency Burchell Whiteman, has urged United Kingdom (UK) based Jamaicans to be proud of themselves and Jamaica, and to be confident about the future.
“We must be proud of ourselves and our country of birth and heritage. Be proud of our assertiveness, born out of our experience in overcoming hardships and succeeding against the odds. And nobody knows that better than you, who are either the activists or the beneficiaries of the pre-‘Windrush’ or the ‘Windrush’ generation,” he said.
The High Commissioner was speaking on August 6, at a special Independence Day reception, held at the Jamaican High Commission, in London.
He said that notwithstanding the fallout in the manufacturing sector worldwide and the consequent loss of the country’s earnings from bauxite, and despite the need to re-engage with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the country was pressing on in a constructive fashion.
“A major investment forum was held here in February from which we are beginning to see results. Tourism arrivals are up over last year and Jamaica is one of the very few countries, which can boast of that. We have gained membership in the Middle Eastern Association with an eye to major inward investment. The Government of Jamaica has protected its financing of free secondary education and hospital care and there has been a quantum leap in agricultural production in Jamaica. For all of these reasons, we can be confident about our future,” the High Commissioner added.
Mr. Whiteman also commended members of the Jamaican community for their continued support and for hosting their own church services, dinner-dances, cultural and sporting events to mark Jamaica’s Independence.
“Last year at this time, we were bubbling with expectation about our prospects in the Beijing Olympics, and as it turned out, we covered ourselves in glory. However, let us remind ourselves that Jamaica does not live by athletics alone or even by reggae music. We can boast of excellence in our professionals in various fields, including academia, research, business, politics, the creative arts, and the social cohesion reflected in our motto ‘Out of Many One people’,” Mr. Whiteman said.

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