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TORONTO — Jamaica's High Commissioner to Canada, Her Excellency Sheila Sealy Monteith, has commended the Jamaican Diaspora in Canada for their contribution to the just concluded Diaspora Convention in Ocho Rios.

In a letter sent to the Canadian participants, High Commissioner Sealy Monteith thanked them for their “strong presence, active participation and positive contribution at all levels” at the Convention, which took place June 15-17, at the Sunset Jamaica Grande, under the theme, “One Nation: Jamaica and its Diaspora in Partnership”.

The High Commissioner said the records of the Convention Secretariat indicated that there were 90 delegates from Canada, the largest of all the countries represented. She added that the Future Leaders delegation from Canada, although small, was also the largest of all Diaspora communities.

The High Commissioner said it was a pleasure for her and Jamaica’s Consul General to Toronto, Seth George Ramocan, to be a part of a Canadian representation that had a positive impact on the Convention, in numerical terms as well as impact. 

“The Canadian delegates served as presenters and contributors in the various sessions and thematic discussions in the meetings,” she said.

She thanked Valarie Steele and Philip Mascoll for their leadership roles, and noted that the two Diaspora members were reported to have played constructive roles in the meetings of the Diaspora Advisory Board in addressing governance issues, which were all resolved.

She also extended congratulations to Leo Campbell, who was elected to the Advisory Board as the Future Leaders representative, and to Nehemiah Bailey, one of three recipients of the Governor General’s Jamaican Diaspora Achievement Awards. 




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The High Commissioner noted that there is work to be done at the level of each Diaspora community, if there is to be improvement in the engagements across all communities and with Jamaica. 

“The Consul General and I look forward to working with you and supporting you, as you move to consider the Convention outcomes and to revitalize the Jamaican Diaspora Canada Foundation at all levels,” the High Commissioner concluded.


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