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The Jamaican High Commission in London hosted more than 50 children and teachers from nine primary schools at a special reception to commemorate Jamaica’s National Heroes Day on October 23.
After an official welcome by High Commissioner Her Excellency Maxine Roberts, the students were shown videos on Jamaica and the National Heroes; sampled traditional Jamaican cuisine including ackee and salt fish, jerk chicken, rice and peas and hard dough bread; and participated in a vibrant interactive demonstration of traditional Jamaican music and dance forms by United Kingdom (UK)-based Jamaican choreographer Jackie Guy.
Geoff Palmer, Professor of Grain Sciences at the Heriot Watt University and Edinburgh Citizen of the Year made a presentation, which focussed on the link between Jamaica and the UK.
The Jamaican High Commission conceived of the heritage celebrations as a way of educating students about the rich heritage of the island and to counteract the negative portrayal of Jamaica and Jamaicans in the popular media.

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