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More than 50 students and their teachers from primary schools across London were treated to a Jamaican-style Christmas at the High Commission in the city.
The event was organized by the Community Relations Office of the High Commission and the Jamaica Information Service (JIS).
The children and teachers were informed about how Christmas was observed in Jamaica with information about traditional Christmas activities in the island, such as Jonkunnu parades and the Christmas Grand Market.
Noted Jamaican choreographer, Jackie Guy and Dancer, Marcus James demonstrated and involved the children in singing Jamaican Christmas carols and songs, including ‘Christmas a Come, Me Want Me Lama’, ‘The Virgin Mary Had a Baby Boy’ and ‘Mary’s Boy Child’.
They were also treated to a traditional Jamaican Christmas lunch, which featured jerk chicken, baked ham, rice and peas, fried plantains and ackee and saltfish. There was also sorrel and fruit juice, Christmas cakes and sweets like potato pudding, coconut drops, grater cakes and gizzadas.
All the schools were presented with gift bags containing information on Jamaica’s history, lifestyle and heritage as well as information on outstanding Jamaicans, including scientists, professionals, musicians and athletes.
Each year the Jamaican High Commission hosts a special event for schoolchildren to give them a taste of Jamaican life, culture and heritage and to highlight outstanding Jamaicans, especially those living in the United Kingdom.

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