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Minister of Transport and Works, Hon. Mike Henry, says that he has taken the necessary steps to ensure that the resignation of his Minister of State, Joseph Hibbert, will not adversely affect the Ministry’s operations.
“Mr. Hibbert’s resignation has been discussed, and I will seek to ensure that there is no adverse effect,” Mr. Henry told JIS News, Wednesday (July 15).
He pointed out that the former Minister of State had responsibility for several areas including: the no build zones; the single road authority project; the Island Traffic Authority (ITA); and flood water control. He also provided the Minister with technical advice on the National Works Agency’s (NWA) projects, especially those involving bridges and highways.
“All of these are documented and the work continues, although he is not out there physically doing those things,” Mr. Henry assured.
Mr. Hibbert tendered his resignation as Minister of State in the Ministry of Transport and Works on Tuesday, after meeting with Prime Minister the Hon. Bruce Golding on Monday.
In his letter of resignation, Mr. Hibbert said that he took the decision, in view of the allegations of bribery of Jamaican Government officials made in the UK courts by the British firm, Mabey and Johnson Limited, in which he has been implicated.
He said that the resignation will allow him “the time and freedom” to clear his name and integrity as former Chief Technical Director in the Ministry of Transport and Works during the 1990s, to which the allegations refer.

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