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Minister of Education, Youth and Culture, Maxine Henry-Wilson has expressed satisfaction with the education roundtable discussions held so far, with stakeholders across the island putting forward their vision for a quality education system for Jamaica. “So far, we have had some very good discussions and good participation and I am satisfied and hopeful of the outcome of these roundtable consultations,” the Minister stated.
She was speaking to JIS News following a recent discussion session held at the Holiday Inn Sunspree Resort in Montego Bay.
Some of the views coming out of the discussion were for 90 per cent or above literacy and numeracy rates by 2014; more quality professionals in the classroom; graduates should be globally marketable; more adequate and affordable tertiary capacity and the need for a more disciplined society.
The stakeholders also expressed concern that: children were not been given some of the necessary tools to enhance learning; the curriculum did not sufficiently capture the various abilities of children; and training was out of sync with employers’ demands.
Minister Henry Wilson welcomed the comments and assured that concerns would be dealt with as the Government sought to implement a quality education system that would be the key driver of economic growth.
“We felt as an administration, that if we are to live up to our mandate, that of ensuring that we have genuine development, then we have to make a reality of the clich

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