JIS News

Several persons in Port Antonio had to be evacuated from their homes on Sunday (October 30), as a result of heavy rains which pelted Portland over the weekend.The rains caused flooding, landslides and road damage in several areas of the parish, rendering a number of roads impassable, while others could only accommodate single lane traffic.
The heavy rains also forced the closure of the Port Antonio Primary School and Hill Preparatory School today (October 31), because of flooded classrooms.Among the areas in which flooding occurred in Port Antonio were Boundbrook, Victor Lane and Manning Avenue.
A section of the Boundbrook Road was severely damaged as a result of the flooding, making that road impassable.
Faye Neufville, Portland Disaster Co-ordinator told JIS News that some roads, which were either blocked or reduced to single lane traffic, have been cleared as the National Works Agency (NWA) and the Portland Parish Council made a special effort to assess the damage done and restore normality on the parish’s road network.
She said there was no need to open emergency shelters because of the flooding, as those evacuated from their homes were accommodated by friends and relatives after being rescued by the Port Antonio Fire Brigade, with the assistance of the Police, the Portland Parish Council, the Salvation Army and the Adventist Disaster Relief Agency (ADRA). Mrs. Neufville said the welfare team from the Port Antonio office of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security was also making assessments of the impact of the rains on the affected areas.